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【world view】
The old human world was engulfed by a catastrophe, and the survivors decided to upload their consciousness to the data network [Gaea.Zero] to continue life and civilization in the virtual world. But under the appearance of peace, a monster named "Sighted Mule" was born from the data source layer, eroding the civilization built by humans.
In the face of a crisis, Gaea will use the self-examination program to eliminate the crisis, materialize it as a "reviser" with personality, and directly enter the plane where the crisis occurs to intervene.
You will act as the administrator of the revisionist organization "Eye of Deep Space", and together with them fight against the sight bones that destroy civilization, and save this world full of crises, and the story begins here...
Admin, it's time to protect——
Let us fight together and fix the future!

【Game Features】
Three-person team, super god AI teammates will take you through the level
As an administrator, you only need to master and operate one character, and enjoy the smooth and refreshing feeling of punching to the flesh. Teammates operated by AI can not only meet the auxiliary needs such as treatment, strengthening, and control, but also exert super-powerful responses, use combo moves, deal a huge amount of output damage, and stop when triggered by precise dodge, reducing the player's combat burden. Figure to break through. With the help of AI, you can easily cross the super difficult elite level!

Together with the profound meaning, a high-burning blow
When two fixers who are fettered in their hearts go into battle at the same time, and the secrets are fully charged, they can use the ultimate move [linked secrets] to seal the victory. Lianhe Profound Truth not only has high skill damage, but also has "hot-blooded animation-level storyboarding" skill performances, bringing a super shocking visual feast!

Cultivate freedom and switch fighting genres at will
Different from the traditional label-limited role positioning model, administrators can combine a variety of different builds by adjusting the combination of engraved equipment and godhead. Cooperating with the complex skill genres, you can change the character's fighting style, skill combos and even battlefield positioning, creating exclusive gameplay for your favorite modifiers!

Cyberworld, Rebirth of Consciousness Corrects the Future
The fusion of two different styles of "future science fiction" and "traditional mythology" creates a futuristic urban scene full of imagination and sci-fi atmosphere, and builds a grand world that saves the future in reincarnation. While experiencing the world of consciousness immersively, it also has a refreshing visual experience!

>>Contact us
Facebook fan group: https://www.facebook.com/aethergazertw
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@aethergazertw
Official website: https://www.aethergazer.tw

※Because this game involves sexual and violent plots, it is classified as supplementary level 15 according to the game software classification management method.
※This game is free to use, and the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items.
※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid addiction.

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